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Dog tired.

January 17, 2008

I am shattered. So not much tonight.

Ella is waking in the night at the moment – she’s had a chest infection and cold over Christmas and she’s taken a long time to get over the night time cough and snotty nose… we’ve been helping her with Medised and so on and now 4 teeth are cutting…. her last 4 thank goodness… this bit nearly over for her.

She always gets snotty and coldy with teeth – in the same way that Rowan always got ear infections and we’ve been medicating her every night at bedtime because that always seems to be the time they suffer doesn’t it?

Then suddenly she’s waking in the night.

Two nights running she’s woken at almost midnight and last night she was awake till 1am.

I was off to Leeds this morning for a meeting and had to be up at 6am. Not that early I grant you but slightly early when you’re still up at 1am! 🙄

BN was excellent and attended to her knowing I had to get up early – the only trouble is that when you’re awake and you know they’re awake… it is hard to settle back down again. It was that horrible thing where I fell asleep at midnight, got woken up 20 minutes later, fell back to sleep when BN was dealing with her and then got woken up again 20 minutes later… happened for a third time and then couldn’t get back to sleep for half an hour…. 🙄 bit annoying.

So. Have dozed for half an hour on BN’s lap (through Jamie’s leeks) … if you watch it – you’ll know what I mean… and then thought – quick blog and then off to bed.

Instead watch Never Mind the Buzzcocks with Simon Amstell – which – quite frankly – is hilarious – and NOW I’m doing a quick blog and then off to bed.

A quick blog does go on a bit doesn’t it?

Sore eyes… v tired….. still typing……


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