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January 21, 2008

Meeting up with a friend from School in a couple of weeks.. we were great friends and spent lots of time together between the ages of 11 and 15.

I loved going to her house cos her parents were super liberal and relaxed (as opposed to super uptight and over worrying Nut folks that I had) and we used to get up to mischief I’m sure.

I remember being outraged one day when my mum refused to let us go shopping to Nottingham because we wouldn’t be safe (YAWN!!) when only the week before we’d been there alone staying at Hannah’s house. We were 13.

There is no way that I would let Rowan or Ella go shopping with one friend in Nottingham now at 13 years old. It’s a crazy place!

Bless my parents for being so misunderstood when I was utterly outraged 😆

So – I was going about my business on Facebook the other week and suddenly saw I got poked by Hannah. I was so pleased as I had actively looked for her a few times and was disappointed she wasn’t on there…

So – I find out, she has a blog and Flickr and we have ended up interested in so many of the same things.. amazing we have lived so close for years and didn’t know.

Bit disappointing really.

So anyway – pay a visit to Boboville (I shall also be adding her to my blogroll) and enjoy …. we are meeting up in the second week of February and I shall happily post piccies of the day 🙂


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