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This car’s just bloody hilarious, mum!

January 23, 2008

I took Ella out on Sunday for her first ‘walk out’ rather than out in the pushchair. Walking outside isn’t really feasible for her yet as we live a mile from town and she would just get too tired… but when I realised on Sunday that I needed to pop to the shop for a few things for tea…. we decided to give her a chance on the reins and see how she did..

At first it was hilarious as she went to run off and got stopped by the length of reins… she turned round and went ‘oh-wa’ in her little whingy whine and stomped her foot 🙂

After that she just got very surprised every time she had to stop running for the hills and wait for me to catch up 🙂

Was v funny 🙂

BN waited for us to come back and took some photos of her first walk out and about 🙂

A milestone 🙂

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