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Lovely weekend.

January 27, 2008

So it’s been a lovely weekend. Really lovely.

Sarah, Steve and the girls came to visit for the weekend so that Sarah and I could go wedding dress shopping again and they arrived Friday evening. Now they’ve done the journey once, they got here much quicker than last time .. I think they were here for 8.30. Which isn’t bad considering Steve has to get home from work which takes him about an hour and then drive to Lincoln from Bury. Not bad at all.

Friday evening we put her girls to bed, we had a relaxed meal and then assembled all the wedding favours which arrived this week. They look great! And then… stayed up talking about all sorts until about 1am.

We had one of the worst nights with the kids. Ella just woke all through the night which was rather annoying and after going backwards and forwards she was basically awake from about 5.30am. And therefore… so was I.

FAB. πŸ™„

I think she is still just cutting these last four teeth.. or rather they have cut already but they’re pushing through. Because they’re the last ones, maybe there’s something like ‘settling in pain’. I know when I had my bridge fitted there was a certain amount of jaw ache for a few days … and that was just one tooth fitting in… never mind the growing pain.

I’m very forgiving really. Just not at 5.30am when I didn’t go to bed till 1. πŸ˜•

Anyway. We had a nice morning – everyone getting ready and got out of the house with the aim of getting Ella some new shoes (found out that while she’s wearing hand me downs size 5s she’s actually…. a 6 and a half.. 😳 ) So she’ll be happier now hopefully!! πŸ™‚

We went for lunch. Possibly one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had. I’m not even exaggerating. We went to a restaurant called Touch in Lincoln. Never been there before. Never will I go there again. It’s hard to explain exactly what the problem was… really.

It looks like a really nice venue....
One of the most surreal venues ever… we’re all laughing cos we’re not sure what else to do…..

The waiter was ‘post-Friday-night slow mentally inhibited’ and just kind of wandered around aimlessly, tipped one of our drinks over the table when he delivered it… mooched about and generally was more of a statue than a waiter. He was incapable of even genial conversation (which we were all quite happy to try). The food was…. ‘okay’. Buffet style lunch with a variety of things to choose from but when you got there it was basically school dinners quality.

And not the best school dinners either. Pizza… cottage pie and pasta with a couple of curries to choose from & the obligatory chips. We tried to find somewhere that would be kid friendly in terms of menu choice and in the end just found somewhere that was … um…. satisfactory.

My kids with their impeccable table manners!

We did have a good time though… luckily we’re all light humoured and went with the flow…. the waiter was kind of like free entertainment πŸ˜†

Then we got rid of the blokes and the kids and we went shopping for dresses, shoes and stuff πŸ™‚

Got Sarah’s wedding jewelry from Next – really love them – it’s like a diamante encrusted silver heart pendant with matching earrings. Really suits her and looks very simple and elegant. Got my shoes, stain, ivory, gathered peep toe heels that will look perfect and are very comfortable (found them in Barrett’s) and found some chocolate brown satin heels for Sarah from Dolcis that match her dress amazingly. And have come in under budget for those brilliantly which means I’ve saved money as I’ve spent!

Sarah had spotted some excellent bridesmaids dresses for the little ones in Next and I think they look great in the catalogue – so we’re just going to order one so we can have a look at the quality etc. I think they should be fine being from Next and the bargain is… they’re only half the price of what I expected to spend… another bonus!! The dresses for the older three are going to be from Monsoon but they’re not online yet cos it’s their new collection so I can’t show you them..

We sorted my head wear for the day.. almost got my dress sorted and that should come in on budget… we’ve picked out the stationery, just got to order it and that’ll be here in a couple of weeks, had the banns read last week so to speak (we’re actually having a civil ceremony so it’s more of a legal announcement from the registry office) so it’s all coming together!

Feels very real.


This is Sarah. She’ll kill me for posting this photo cos she looks like a muppet but we had to take a photo cos she couldn’t believe that she fit into the dress. She text me on the way here on Friday saying don’t worry when you see me cos it’s just Christmas bulge. I’ll get rid of it and make sure that dress fits! When we bought it she was about 2 inches away from doing it up round the waist and we knew she had to lose a few lbs to get into it but it was discontinued and the only one left was in her size. She’s done so well.

She looks beautiful.

I think she was mid sentence for this picture though … the lighting in my bedroom caused a delay in the click & when the camera went… she looked like this … but hey – it’s the thought that counts.

The thing that’s annoying is – I have loads of pictures of me in the dresses I’m narrowed down to but I can’t post them because BN reads the blog and Flickr!


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  1. mrshojo permalink
    January 28, 2008 2:38 pm

    pop them in a password protected post and send me the password!


  2. Mrs Hojo permalink
    January 28, 2008 2:38 pm

    pop them in a password protected post and send me the password!


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