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January 28, 2008

I found out a couple of days ago that two of my married friends have split up.

I found out on Friday and for a few reasons, I can’t really stop thinking about it.

It could be because they are perhaps the first people I really I knew to make the commitment to marriage… they seemed so in love and really the last people I would have thought to split up. I haven’t been the only one to say ‘A & B????? No way!!!!’

It could be because A told me the spark just went. It wasn’t the same and he just couldn’t carry on pretending he felt the same…. if it can happen to them… then who else could that happen to?

It could be because I really care about them.. I do really care about people…

It could be because they’re the first people I’ve known my age that have married and it’s gone wrong…

It could be because I’m planning my own wedding and I suppose it’s just a confirmation of the fact that maybe nothing is forever. You may want it to be and you place that belief in what you’re planning. There’s a reason for all this…. you want to be with this person for the rest of your life…. I guess I just never imagined A having to introduce himself as divorced. Mind you… presumably neither did he…

And poor B. I spoke to her as soon as I found out … said all the right things…… and meant them….. She says she’s getting there but every day is hard as it was very much out of the blue for her.

I just thought… wow… she didn’t even have a clue he was going to do it…. and I so felt for her.

I dunno… mindless wanderings of my brain…. it’s left me quite down.

I guess (in the words of Carrie Fisher from When Harry met Sally)

‘Please tell me I’ll never be out there again….’ and all you need after that is a big cuddle and a kiss

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