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Our rubbish cleaner.

January 31, 2008

Our rubbish cleaner., originally uploaded by Little Nut Tree.

We have a cleaning company that provide the cleaning at work. Up until late last year (being a recruitment agency) we have always employed our own cleaner – which has gone pretty well to be honest.

Last year, in their infinite wisdom, head office decided to employ a facilities management company to take care of the cleaning requirements instead.

We have had non-stop problems since. Our cleaner is being sacked tonight for gross misconduct after I complained to the cleaning regional manager, Carol, that we just weren’t getting a good service.

I took this picture of the plug hole in our kitchen. By this point, this piece of banana had been here for 3 days. The cleaner was apparently cleaning the branch every day, for two hours, and we thought different.

It was very hard *not* to remove it but I had to be sure that I was getting someone sacked justifiably… anyway… things moved on and we ended up getting a print out of the alarm activation.

She had been paid for two hours cleaning per night for nearly two months and it transpired the most she had ever been in the branch was 49 minutes. One day after she hadn’t clocked in at all for 3 days… she graciously gave us 18 minutes of her time. One Saturday, she was there for 60 seconds.

Amazing she thought she would never get caught.

People eh? They never fail to disappoint.

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