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Ear infection…. yes. Again.

February 2, 2008

4th Ear Infection since 16th December.

This is little Rowan this morning. She’s been having a really rough time with ear infections for the last 2 years but it seems to have suddenly intensified since September.

She got one with the really high temperature at the end of September. The highest temperature we’d ever noticed with one. In fact that was the only time we’d ever really noticed a temperature at all come to think of it..

It was 103.4 for 3 days.

She was vomiting and lost 5lbs of weight during that week. It was a bit scary. It took her about 4 weeks to get over it. It was mid October that we ended up with her in hospital for the afternoon with the murmur etc. and well into November until she started showing a real improvement.

*Actually update on that – apparently murmurs in children can sound worse when they are ill and since then her murmur has returned to normal which is great. It’s still there but it’s quieter and no worry.

Then on the 17th December she was sick. We didn’t piece it together ….. even after 18 months of ear infections – all accompanied by vomiting – until the 3rd day of sickness when she vomited through the night… we suddenly were like

‘ear infection maybe?’


we can be quite slow….

Took her to the GP and she was prescribed Azithromycin 40mg/ml .. 15 ml, one dose of 5ml once a day for three days. This is one I’ve mentioned before. They have to keep it down for 2 hours every dose or it won’t work. It has to have time to be absorbed.

Incidentally – it’s really hard to get hold of this antibiotic in this dosage and in this concentration which means we pretty much always have to order it in – another complication to the whole thing..

We were very mindful of this fact this time around (having learned in September) and she kept it all down. 6 days after it started and she still wasn’t really better. Christmas came and went and finally we came home. We’d had 13 days of vomiting by then only interrupted by apparent ‘road to recovery’ on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

It seemed that some days she was very under the weather and even the thought of food turned her stomach and then other days she would seem fine all day and then suddenly be sick in the afternoon, bringing up everything she’d eaten all day. She went down to 1st 13lb and looked horribly unwell. She was skeletal and basically just looked alarming. BN and I said one night she looked like a malnourished, badly treated child. Pale and tired, underweight, lethargic and ill.

When we got home she had got much worse over the previous 12 hours and so we took her straight back to our doctor. By this point we were thinking it can’t possibly be ear infection because the antibiotics never had any effect and she was still vomiting. No complaints of pain whatsoever.
Mad things started to go through my head. Horrible illnesses… wracking my brains and searching the internet for something that could cause 3 weeks of vomiting in a child with no other symptoms of pain etc.

But our GP looked at her and said she had pink ears again. Enough to make her unwell even though some children can have bright red ears and have no symptoms whatsoever apparently – she is just very sensitive to this problem.

So now it’s February 2nd. This is her 3rd ear infection since Christmas. Back on antibiotics. Sleeping through the pain. She is complaining of pain for the first time ever. Woke up screaming with pain yesterday at 6am and again this morning at 4.30.

I am really thinking of homeopathic remedies now for her … I don’t know anything about it yet but I’m going to start looking into it. I investigated preventative medicine with our GP last time and he said that he’s very happy to refer her but that the government standpoint on spending money standard NHS policy is not to interfere with ears unless hearing is threatened or affected. So she should just carry on getting them until she grows out of it.

I know Rowan would appreciate not having to have these with the frequency they are occurring so I’m going to see if we can try another approach.

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  1. February 2, 2008 6:51 pm

    Poor little lass… I’ve never ever *TOUCH WOOD* had an ear infection or even an ear ache. Tonsils were always my game. Anyways, I’m with you on the stupid NHS not helping… Jaysen gets bouts of tonsilitus that is untouched by any medication, and he really suffers, but according to the doc, they don’t like to do tonsils unless it’s urgent.

    Still, the snotty letters from the school about his 89% attendance make me chuckle.

    Hope the homeopathy can offer some help – I used to take them as a kid for a chest/throat complaint and it worked wonders. Or maybe try a chinese remedy – we’ve actually got a store in our shopping center for such things now – maybe you have somewhere nearby too 🙂

    (And let it snow!)

  2. February 2, 2008 9:44 pm

    Poor little thing!

  3. February 2, 2008 10:08 pm

    That’s actually a great idea Dan – like your thinking… we have a Chinese Herbal shop here too… I will look into that… thanks.

    Flutter – she looks ropey huh? I feel so bad for her 😦

  4. businessbackwards permalink
    February 2, 2008 10:11 pm

    She does look ropey 😦 I know this sounds daft but after Fran had her grommets she had dreadful ear infections, i don’t know if you remember? They used to spout a disgusting green smelly gunge, constantly. Eventually 2 things worked, one was an antibiotic eardrop called Sofradex and the other was taking her swimming ever few days for several weeks, the only explanation for which is that the chlorined water killed off the bugs. At this stage, once she is up and running again, it might be worth a try?

  5. February 2, 2008 10:13 pm

    funnily enough – I’m about to start taking them swimming… I wanted to take them before Rowan gets too old and is frightened. I wonder then because one of my main quibbles was whether it would make them worse…

  6. February 3, 2008 5:50 am

    uuuummm… until hearing is threatened? every time a child has an ear infection, it can take up to six weeks for all the fluid to clear out of the ear – as long as there is fluid in the ear the bones in the ear can’t move as freely – which means the hearing is affected … UGH to them! Good luck on proactive remedies…


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