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February 13, 2008

I didn’t blog last night – instead I took the advice of my other half and went to bed early.

Monday night I fell asleep on him on the sofa while we were watching the Kingdom. I can’t think if that’s the actual name of it but it’s that one where Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx are somewhere in the East investigating a bomb or something – to be honest – I don’t really know anything about the film because I was asleep 🙂

I went to bed at 10ish and then slept through till 7.30. Glorious.

As glorious as it gets when you are woken up by Ella screaming mummy mummy mummy.

Not for any particular reason other than she just wants to get out of the cot and Rowan was taunting her with bricks on the floor…

The last night – I watched … ummmm what did I watch…? Um. Oh yeah Skinny versus Supersize thingy with Gillian Devil McKeith. It was good – but then I like that sort of thing…

I had a lovely bath at 9 and then went to bed again at 10 o’clock….

And yet… I feel more shit today than I did two days ago.

Why is it that when you get more sleep – you feel like a bank of crap?? 😕

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  1. February 14, 2008 3:01 am

    Did you not realise sleep is bad for you?! It’s even worse if you’ve had some booze… You’re out all night, everything is great and the world is rocking at 2am.

    Suddenly, SLEEP takes a hold, and you feel awful. People will have you blame the alcohol, but it’s the sleep, I tell you it’s evil.

    He says at 2am 😉

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