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Sisters in ‘jamas

February 18, 2008

Sisters in ‘jamas, originally uploaded by Little Nut Tree.

The girls and I came downstairs yesterday morning and left BN to sleep in bed. He got to bed late last night after picking up the latest cold bounding round within & around our four walls.

The children seem to procure them from nowhere and then pass them round the rest of the family. Ella has a throat infection and is now on antibiotics for that.

This morning – we happened to come downstairs in time for the back-to-back episodes of Peppa Pig [cue much hooray-ing and joy-jumping from the girls] and the girls settled down to watch it whilst I surfed the net and read far too many blogs.

I looked over the laptop at one stage and noticed they were quite happily lying side by side watching telly and looked so ‘friends’.

I went to take a picture [by went – I mean silently moved my left arm 6 inches and silently positioned the camera which was all accomplished – silently!] and then naturally for the next 2 minutes every time I tried to take one they either moved, spotted me, wriggled, kicked whatever until eventually they got up and left anyway.

Children are like ‘tuned in’ to any camera activity I swear. And then instantly either turn into the grumpiest children ever withnosmileseverwhatsoever – or the most wriggly, constantly moving and non sittingstillchildren as ever there was…

But you get the idea…. also – how tall is Ella?? Amazing.

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  1. February 19, 2008 11:47 am

    We love Peppa Pig in this house too 😀

    Of course, I am sending this page to the NSPCC in respect to the Child Cage you have in the photo…

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