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Crap-tastic. A welcome blend of crap and fantastic.

March 2, 2008

Well we went over to our friends’ house last night and I had a really fabulous time.

I do really like them both and they’re good fun to be with. A (the boyfriend) is an hilarious drunk and gets amusingly and frustratingly argumentative in a ‘jolly good old debate’ way when pissed which appeals to my infinite need to be right… combine this with my desire to make every person bend to my will, BN’s incapability to leave anything alone and A’s capability to turn any conversation into a heated debate and you always have a fun evening….

The fact that S will inevitability side with us as A is usually completely too drunk and talking bollocks and it is not unusual for the evenings to involve copious amounts of red wine, whisky and staying up till 5am.

I gave up at 3.30 this morning and went to bed. Not because I wanted to, but more because I was aware of how shite I would feel today if I didn’t.


I decided to be sensible.

Smug 🙂

Because although I do feel like crap…. I’m the only one that isn’t feeling like crap that someone else stood on. The other three are far worse.

A cooked a lovely meal – rack of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and tomato courgette side dish with a Gu chocolate pudding and whipped cream for dessert.

It was gorgeous and delicious and yummy. And the only thing I’m sorry about is that I don’t have it again tonight!

Then took our time this morning to get back to the folks – loved seeing the girls and they were so excited to see us. They had a great time with G&G and the only down side was Ella has a bad cough again and woke herself and everyone else up at 5am.


Feel pretty bad about that…. … … …. almost.

But then the other half of me is just happy that I wasn’t there 😆

I had amazing gorgeous & fantastic Mother’s day and got lovely treats. Some Body Shop Goodies (which I love) and Sweet Darling Perfume from Kylie’s range and two DVDs. One of Stardust which I’m really looking forward to watching and one of Pride & Prejudice (Colin Firth version) which I absolutely adore.

Tonight – the plan is…. get girls to bed, have bath, get to bed with Colin Firth 😆

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  1. March 5, 2008 3:52 am

    Getting to bed with Colin Firth is *always* a good plan!

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