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Round up, round up..

March 12, 2008


I’m back.

Time in pictures…. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I know I haven’t written as much as I should have… could have… would have…… if I hadn’t have been a bit ‘out of the mood.. …’ but I have been thinking of it as I’ve bumbled about my day to day…

We’ve had a family visit from the in-laws … and lots of other things that I can’t remember until I look through the pictures… so that’s what I’ll do 🙂

I have the skinniest legs in the whole world.
The girls went to playgroup – where Rowan discovered that she was indeed skinny enough to sit in a chair designed for babies that can’t actually sit up yet.

Yeees… it’s true.
She has the skinniest legs in the wuuuurld.

eh? Big feet..? What do you mean big feet?
Ella decided to have a go too.. not to be outdone.. but was alarmed by how big it made her feet look so she hopped out like a shot.

Ahhh.. a week just wouldn't be a week without a 'cheese' shot...
They had sisterly cuddles…

Bad hair day.
I had a bad haircut.

I went in for a trim. I said… the following.

“I am getting married in 5 months for which I would like long hair. However. Having had my hair cut about 7 months ago and straightening every day… as you do… I now have quite rubbish hair that is dry and splitting and could do with a trim.”

[I even described the wedding hair style I wanted and therefore felt it explicit that a trim was in order].

Nevertheless – she butchered it. She lopped about 2.5 inches off it. Gave me layers. LAYERS?? Some as short as this… other not so…. but the fact remains… I now have short hair again.

I really should have run like a quick thing when she told me this was her 3rd day in the salon. She’d been a hairdresser for 9 years… kept trying different things but kept coming back to hair…. I think maybe… she should stay away from hair.

I like these ones....
Tried to find some new glasses…. [with my now short hair]

I'm thinking I should pull this face all the time....
I’m thinking I should pull this face all the time….. wasn’t sure about these ones…

I am a very important business lady
Ella and I went to Grampty’s house alone for the night…

Whilst Rowan and BN stayed at home in order to attend Rowan’s First Ever [I have real friends] Nursery related birthday party… She was very excited…

They went to a Wacky Warehouse type of thing and she hared around like a mad thing apparently.. got her face painted.. loved the ball pit… loved being with her friends and generally had a great time…


well hello there Mr Daddy


Can you guess what it is yet?

Here's your clue..


Hungry lion


She had to get whisked away from the lunch unfortunately as they had a train to catch …. to come to see us at Grampty’s house… so she ate the rest of her lunch on the train and then did some drawing and colouring…

Meanwhile at Grampty’s..
These 'ere.. can I 'ave 'em or what?
We were having breakfast and preparing to go swimming……

I had never taken either of them. Not for any reason except that swimming in Lincoln is not tremendously easy if you don’t have a car because all the gyms are out of town and there isn’t a city centre leisure centre.

In my folks’ local town, they have a really accessible leisure centre where you can pay for swimming as you go. No joining fee; no contracts.

It’s far better. So.

I went and bought costumes for me and Ella and decided that if Rowan was going to have a special birthday party then Ella could have a treat too.

She clung to me for dear life for the first 10 minutes but … gradually relaxed and eventually by the end of half an hour was holding on to my fingers and kicking her legs trying to swim.

It was great. I loved it. Got a bit chilly after half an hour – not so warming to go swimming if you don’t really get to move around much. Got out of the pool and wrapped her up and she promptly weed all over me! 🙄

Later on Rowan and BN arrived and the girls looked out for Granny to get home from work..
Looking out for Grampty

Pretending to be unwell
They watched some Peppa… and Rowan pretended to be unwell…

So that was that weekend….

Then there was a week at work. That has been a bit stressful lately. Lots to do, not enough time to do it in and ‘matters’ to deal with which is making life a bit depressing at the moment.

Well. Not depressing. That’s a bit over dramatising it really. Just… hard work.

This weekend, MIL, BN’s sister, brother, niece and nephew came over along with …. Uncle Rich!

Basically to cut a reasonably short story a little shorter, they had to come and get measured for wedding suits in Lincoln as other wedding shops wouldn’t cop-operate.

We had a really lovely day… it was very easy. Everyone arrived in good time, we went out, the boys got fitted up, suits got ordered and us girls and kids went to the pub and had drinks and chose wedding flowers (BN’s sister is a Florist with her own business… handily).

We then had a really good lunch at the Slug and Lettuce .. the food surpassed expectations of pub grub really. Massive portions & gorgeous food.

I couldn’t finish mine, it was so massive. All the way round the, plates were either clean or half full depending on who couldn’t finish their huge meal…. always a good sign..

Always a great help to a family day to have great food… the kids got on famously and Rowan absolutely worships Chloe who is 11 this summer. Held her hand everywhere she went.. If Chloe went, Rowan followed. It really made me chuckle as I was exactly the same with an older cousin when I was Rowan’s age. Idolised her and followed her everywhere whenever we saw them. Like mother like daughter.

Chloe's hairband was a favourite
Wearing Chloe’s hair band in the pub… and looking angelic

Sleeping in the Slug & Lettuce
Ella conked out at the perfect time.. just before we ate… and turned over in the pushchair and had a good old snooze while we had food..

Ella, Rowan, Sam & Chloe

Chloe is the beanpole on the right … she’ll probably be taller than me by the time of the wedding but then there aren’t many people who won’t be so I’ll have to get over that!!! 😆

Nanny comes to visit
Nanny and the cousins ….

Do you think my feet look big in this?

Ella trying on boots… the girls is obsessed with shoes… boots… anything that she can put her great big feet in…

Er... you want me to do what?
Rowan was cheeky…

Bleached out.
Ella was cute…

Ah - thanks for my new top Auntie Rose!
Rowan’s new top from Auntie Rose…

Uncle Rich!
Uncle Rich Slept…

And then on the Sunday – we took the girls out to town and had a walk around the shops. We took them to ELC and let them play with the toys.

Playing in the toy shop

This picture really is weird when you think that’s the babies I’ve had over the last 3 years and there they are…. just playing together in the toy shop!

So strange.

Time passes.. still Ella sings..

This one is just cool. Ella just fell in love with this microphone and keyboard. Nothing could tempt her away from it …. and this picture is like time standing still. She’s so in focus and still… just playing with this microphone that she adored and Rowan is hurrying about like a mad thing, hoovering and in ‘real time’ behind her….. quite arty I thought…

And that is about that.

I think

[I think]

You’re caught up.

Trust me though. I have things to talk about this week. There are things happening in the news and I have things to say…. but this post is long and boring enough.

I hope all of you are well and I apologise for being absent from your blogs and comments the last 2 weeks… but I’ve had my break and now I’m back 🙂

Oh… and Ella is out of the high chair… another milestone…

Ladies that Lunch

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