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What a Wonderful Adventure

April 26, 2008

Last night I had the most amazing dream.

I haven’t had it since I was a little girl and I think I’ve missed it … although I didn’t know that until I woke up from it….

Running around the massive hallway of a school-smelling building I pushed off with my right foot and started to skate as if I was on ice. Faster and faster I could actually feel the cool air rushing through my hair…

Suddenly as I pushed off I started to rise into the air and before I know it I’m soaring through the air gazing down in amazement everything I can see in perfect detail below me as I fly around …. at ease with the skill as if it were the most natural thing to me in the world.

The roof at work, the streets, people I know, people I don’t… the views.. the scenery… the freedom.

I wish I knew what this meant because it was blissful.

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