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The Minor Dialogues #4

May 3, 2008

Scene – Pre-bed poop [yet again] [ I’m thinking that far too much of our life goes on in the bathroom]

Rowan to BN

Will you hold my hand? [a thing she often asks for when she’s .. erm… ‘going’. I think poo-ing scares her a bit and she likes that little bit of reassurance that you’re there].

BN holds her hand.

Will *you* hold my hand, mummy? [I do]

Do you love me, daddy?

BN: Yes.

Do *you* love me, mummy?

Of course I do!

Will you kiss me daddy?


Will you kiss me mummy?


NM: Why did you ask me that?

R: What?

NM: Why did you ask me if I love you?

R: ‘Cos I never believe you.. [this was followed by some kiddie gibberish that I can’t actually remember – it was the not believing part that kinda stuck out for me! Like… um say… a polar bear in the Antarctic!!]

I crouched down and held her hand and asked her why she asked daddy and she said

[she looked up at him] R: Cos you’re tall and you always need a chair…


Not quite the same level of reasoning here… I relaxed….

BN and I looked at each other and laughed a bit

R: Come ‘ere you two [stretched her arms out in a kind of parental hug… the one where they look at you like you’re a weirdo but they love you anyway]

We obliged. Bent down toward her like she was some sort of Poo-God and were ‘hugged’


It was very funny and BN and I peered at each other over her shoulders. My eyes just dewey with tears of absolute love for Rowan and both of us laughing. Laughing at how cute she was. Laughing with her not *at* her.

She got embarrassed and buried her eyes in her wet wipe [always handy whilst on the loo]

I asked her again… she’d moved on by this point and was jabbering away about something incoherent and childish [which is obviously not a criticism … she’s 3 and a half… just observation]

I wasn’t ready to drop it… the fact that her explanation had been sketchy at best .. at worst.. well rather worrying(!) I decided to pursue it.

NM: So … why did you ask me if I love you?

[she rubbed my right hand] Both your hands mummy! [I gave her my other hand]

R: Because you’re so cold [she said softly as she stroked my hands]


Signing off – Paranoid mummy of the psychic gift child and the seeing eye.

[I wonder what that will bring up in the search engines] 😉

2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 4, 2008 9:59 am

    That is so cute!!!

    Now you’ve set me off again. Sniff.

  2. May 4, 2008 5:10 pm

    I was sightly concerned!! I’m cold?! 😯

    Am wondering if she’s going to start telling me she can see things in my future.. when she was a baby she used to look over my shoulder at the middle distance and giggle like someone was making her laugh…. find myself thinking about that now….!

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