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The Minor Dialogues #7

May 10, 2008

Pre bed poo.

When isn’t it?

Rowan: When I was a baby you had to change my bum didn’t you mummy?

Me: Yes I did

But now I’ a big girl I can do a poo on the toilet can’t I mummy? And my wee? And t’gether!

Yes, that’s right. You can.

When I was a baby I couldn’t talk could I, mummy?

No that’s right.

But I can now can’t I?

Oh Yes. You certainly can. [Yawn]

I certainly can can’t I, mummy?

Yes you can, darling.

Ella couldn’t talk when she was a baby could she, mummy?

No she couldn’t.

[stretch, yawn]

She can talk now can’t she mummy?

Y’uh huh. She’s starting to talk isn’t she?

Yes, mummy.

She can say lots of words now can’t she? Sometimes she can talk sensible.


Yes lots of words.

Sentences…? [Talking sensibly isn’t beyond the realms for Ella but I think she meant sentences]

Yes sentencing.

Well yes she can. Sometimes.

She can say lots of words. [thinking…] Poo and wee and cream and toilet and rubbish and bin and your cleaning stuff and Medised and Neurofen 😕

Medised and Neurofen?

Yes we hate Medised, it’s yukky but you make us have it, don’t you mummy.



Don’t scratch your face Rowan it’s getting a dry patch.

But it’s inchy.

Itchy. Itch-y [my mouth over-nunciating for her so she can see]

Mummy. Can I have some cream for my itsy face?

Y’uh huh..[getting cream] … ITCH-ee. Itchy.

Rowan: hmmmm…. well whatever but can I have some cream, mummy?


My child just said WHATEVER to me! WHAAAAA!

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