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Me me me eme meemememe

May 20, 2008

Tagged by Dan

I tag Hojo & Vic and anyone else that wants to have a go!!!

1. Where is your mobile phone?

In my bag, on the floor, over there….

2. Your significant other?

Is a sweetie.

3. Your hair?

Is brown.

4. Your skin?

Is too spotty.

5. Your mother?

Is a loony.

6. Your favourite thing?

This is hard… I love my ipod – whether it’s my favourite thing I don’t know.

7. Your dream last night?

Can’t remember – which is unusual because I normally can. But I am knackered this week – must have slept very deeply.

8. Your favourite drink?

Coffee is a big fave for the day time… for the evening out (pah! when does that ever happen!!?!?) it would be wine probably …

9. Your dream / goal?

To be running my own business.

10. The room you’re in?

The living room…

11. Your ex?

Emailed me on face book the other day actually!! Totally out of the blue and said “I bet you never guessed you’d hear from me in a million years!”

Hoped — more like!

12. Your fear?

Something happening to anyone in my family.

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Mother of 3, living somewhere down on the coast.

14. Where were you last night?

Err… right here – doing this. I’m nothing if not predictable.

15. What you’re not?

A liar.

16. Muffins?

Skinny lemon and poppyseed.

17. One of your wish list items?

A rich relative to pay for my wedding!!

18. Where did you grow up?

Nottingham and Loughborough.

19. The last thing you did?

Ate my tea.

20. What are you wearing?

Linen trousers, a top from work today, a cardigan and my slipper boots from Tesco that I love – cos is it just me or is it BLOODY FREEZING!!!!!!

21. Your TV?
Is a flat panel LCD. And it’s on!

22. Your pet(s)?


23. Your computer?

Is a macbook… my swanky new laptop I got last month (Sorry Dan) 😳

24. Your life?
Is excellent at the moment. Lovin work – Love my family.

25. Your mood?
Generally good unless someone is mean to me.

26. Missing someone?

Not unless one of the children got out without me noticing…?!

27. Your car?
Nope. Can’t be mine ‘cos I don’t have one..

28. Something you’re not?

29. Favourite store?

I love Primada!

30. Your summer?

Getting married, turning 31 and going to Egypt! Can’t wait for it to start!

31. Like someone?
A lot.

32. Your favourite colour?

33. Last time you laughed?
Today. When I found out the client that left me has to have me back because the new one can’t fill the bookings..!

34. Last time you cried?

Omg. All the time!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 20, 2008 8:57 pm

    It is bloody freezing. I have the heating on!

    I have my Tesco slipper boots on too 🙂

  2. May 21, 2008 4:46 am

    I did them both (memes) and left a comment for Dan coz he made me laugh

    Mrs Hojos last blog post..Another meme from Little Nut

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