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Another photo-y posty post.

May 24, 2008

A really good day today. Rowan had her moments but then she does every day to be honest. We’re learning how to coax her out of the down moments and I think she may be starting to learn that she’s not confined to a bad mood all day just because she got a bit tired or hungry.

Anyway.. we went out to the shops late today. We normally go shopping at least one day out of every weekend. BN likes to get out of the house – understandable as he spends a good deal of every week with either one or both girls. It’s usual for us to be leaving for a good few hours walk around by about 10.30 – 11am and not out of the usual not to be getting back until 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

Today though – we didn’t go out until about 2… and that’s because…. I got a lie in!!!! Yay!

BN got up with the girls and after about 20-30 minutes awake with them this morning – I then slept in until 10am!! Whoop whoop! šŸ™‚

I do feel better for it. Although I tend to find that lie ins are a bit like really high quality ice cream. Whatever you have – it’s never enough. I could have slept till 3pm… but I don’t want to sound ungrateful šŸ™‚

So – we went out – we shopped a bit. I got a nice piece of oak delivered this week so that BN can put a shelf in our bedroom – I needed some brackets for that.. we got bits and bobs. Rowan set her sights on a chocolate bar for good behaviour well before the good behaviour really surfaced – but after she got the hang of the order of requirement – good behaviour ensued and a good time was had by all.

Her reward?

The biggest marshmallow in the world (although this picture has come out bizarrely small?!)

The Biggest Marshmallow in the world. Maybe.

We shopped some more and then the weather started to turn. It was getting blustery and cold so we headed for home. On the way home there’s this cool little cafe in Lincoln called Thomas 2 & Rowan had been asking to go out for lunch all day practically. It was definitely on her agenda. She calls it Cafe Tea šŸ™‚ S Thomas 2 – it’s good old cafe food but with nice heavy wooden furniture and decent staff with great service and a laid back, genuine atmosphere. They only do jacket potatoes, roast dinners, sandwiches and the like – but the quality is good and the food comes out piping. And generally – I think that’s all we’re looking for isn’t it?

A big spoonful. & Maybe the cutest bunches ever.

We asked for a jacket potato and beans for the girls off the childrens’ menu – whereby the member of staff said the portions were big and we would probably be better off ordering one for them to share. When I explained that really Rowan wanted mash and beans they served the jacket ‘tate whole and a bowl of beans on the side – two children’s plastic plates and children’s cutlery and two pats of butter.
We were just able to sort it out the way they like it – it made tea very easy and the girls were very happy. Consequently – they ate well and reasonably quickly (Rowan has been known to take 2 hours to finish a meal!) so as a treat we bought them a strawberry milkshake to share šŸ™‚

Rowan eating her 'Cafe Tea' & me. Just for good measure!

So that was it really – just have to share this with you though.. this is Rowan and Ella’s ‘we’re sisters and we have a little thing that we do together game that no one else understands but we think is hilariously funny’ thing that they do. I managed to get like a slideshow of it.

It goes like this:

They point and kind of thrust their arms at each other over and over again whilst chanting ‘you you you you you you you’

You you you you you you you you...


Both race to put their hands on their heads first before collapsing into because it’sjustsofunnyyouguysandyoujustdon’tgetit giggles.

You you you you you ... giggles galore

It doesn’t seem to matter if one of them reaches the hands on head stage first

Or if they both do it together….

Hilarious Laughter

They just repeat it over and over again…

You you you you you you you you

But it does seem to get better giggles if they SNAP!

Hilarious laughter.

Kids šŸ™„

Then at the end of our meal – Ella did a major poo and stank the joint out – I drew the short straw and took her to the loo where of course because it’s a nice cafe they had a lovely changing table, wipes and a padded change mat… I changed her bum but not before she’d managed to soak her trousers at the back with some sort of escaped erm.. ‘fluid’.

I did not investigate the absolute origin of said fluid… just determined that I didn’t really want to touch it. Bad parents that we are – we had no change of trouser… until BN had a brainwave.

Et voila!

The trouser coat – A major new fashion statement!

A trouser coat. A coat... but a trouser... it's a major new fashion statement.

But so cute šŸ™‚

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  1. May 25, 2008 12:46 pm

    oh I remember those days, the ‘what item of clothing can I use to cover their modesty days’ fab, don’t miss it a bit :o) this typing is tooooo small to proof read!


    Mrs Hojos last blog post..Ringtail Possum

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