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Self medicating.

May 27, 2008

The kids have a cough.

If you knew me at the moment then you’d know I didn’t get enough sleep last night 🙄

The inhaler definitely worked a treat with Rowan the other night but she hasn’t seemed to need it the last couple of nights. She’s just clearing her cough out now really.

Ella is a pain at the moment. Cough aside, she’s realised that Rowan is almost her ‘beck and call’ girl over the last few days.. weeks maybe. I don’t pay attention sometimes and time passes…

Her new hobby is throwing her dummy from the bed at night – pretty much as soon as we leave the room – and making Rowan fetch it for.


This was cute the first couple of times … but poor little Rowan is starting to get weary.

Rowan has always fallen asleep pretty quickly since she learned to go to sleep alone and as cute as Ella can be, Rowan is getting disturbed now in the evening. Two nights ago I went up to calm Ella down and Rowan was very hot and a bit sweaty – a sure sign that she’s been asleep already – gets hot like her daddy.

This is the problem – the cuteness… comes with volume.

Loud shouting, yelling and general rowdiness.

We keep having to go up and have a calm down, a re-introduction of the dummy and tell her to close her eyes and go to sleep.

She’s gone from a very quiet and well behaved baby into a rowdy toddler! How did that happen so quickly?!


So – last night she threw her dummy and after a couple of trips upstairs and a couple more throws.. poor old Rowan trudging backwards and forwards and us going upstairs and telling her off etc. we decided not to go back up again.. And finally, after Rowan’s consciousness had given up the ghost, madam fell asleep about an hour and 45 minutes later … sans dummy!

At 4.30 this morning the cough kicked back in and I woke up to hear her hacking away – one of those irritating night coughs and I do feel sorry for them when they get them. I took her a drink and gave her a cuddle and BN asked about dummy. I had already got one ready and we just popped it back in without thinking anything of it really.

I put her back to bed and dreamt of my next two and a half hours sleep…. then the coughing.

Oh, the Joys…! It seems like theft to say that now but I really do say that in life… you’ll just have to believe me! 🙂

So – I got back up….. stumbled back to the bathroom and extricated the required dose of Junior Buttercup (a winner I have to say) … wandered back to the little darlings’ room and waited outside the door……



I swear they do it on purpose.

I left the syringe of buttercup on the bannister and snuggled back down into my comfy heaven of duvet…


As I dozed this morning with the girls playing and watching TV I drifted in and out of sleep to the sound of squabbles and giggles… the normal sounds that accompany any household with more than one child I think… and suddenly became aware of the silence.

This can only ever mean one thing.

Ella is up to something.

With her child radar indicating that someone was thinking about her – she tumbled in at that point!

She grinned… and handed me the empty syringe. Smacked her lips together and then picked it back up form my palm and licked it before replacing it in my hand.

Yes… life in the Nut House has got so bad… my daughter is self medicating!




After 1 hour and 30 minutes tonight, and Rowan under strict instructions not to interact…. Ella fell asleep without her dummy. She’ll either learn to stop throwing it from the cot – or she’ll learn to sleep without!

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  1. May 28, 2008 8:23 am

    I think she’s very lucky to have a big sister who will slave over her like that. I’m sure I’d have told my sister where to go.

    Vics last blog post..Leftovers


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