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Out for Tea

June 2, 2008



We have reached ‘out for tea’ stage!

BN and girls met me from work today and we went for tea… Nandos. I actually really like Nandos… good food, always really quick so it’s a winner for small kids … and the bottomless drinks jut make sense!


I really enjoyed it and the girls were so well behaved. Rowan has reached the stage where you can educate her to behave well and Ella generally follows suit in whatever you can persuade Rowan to do..

Clever parenting… attack from within!! 😆

I had the chicken pitta bread meal (I’m just about to look up the points….) and the girls had chicken dippers and some chips.


Looks yummy, huh? 🙂


Then we walked to Comet. The superstore for all your electrical needs. You may remember that a few weeks ago my oven blew up? Well… my vouchers from work for my annual benefits have arrived and one of the places that you can spend them in is Comet.

Pretty cool we thought.

Well I have £320 to spend from work and we found this oven…


It seems pretty good for the money. It rates 9.4 out of ten on a website somewhere that gives customer reviews of things and so on.

We were all set to go. Shame we had to do it with ‘Hazel’ who was potentially the most annoying Irish woman I’ve ever met.

Then we came to start the sale and the standard delivery is £25. To get it connected….? £100.

You have to get it connected of course because it’s Gas. And it’s against the law not to.

And Comet charge £75 to do that.


So we walked away for the time being. With strict instructions from Hazel to return tomorrow between 10am and 8pm so she doesn’t miss out on her sale.


So – the annoying thing is I have vouchers I can only spend at Comet for an oven that I don’t know if I really want cos it’s the only oven there that really fits our criteria and I can’t buy online because then I can’t use my vouchers.


I have a question for you.

a) does anyone want to buy £320 quids worth of vouchers to spend in Comet?

b) does anyone know a Gas man that will fit my oven for £20?!

c) can anyone find a better oven than this one for the same ot less to fit a 60cm gap, pref stainless steel… from Comet?

Help gratefully received!

Vouchers can be spent at about 70 places… including Boots, Waterstones, clothes stores, HMV, Carphone warehouse …. loads more.

Let me know….!


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  1. June 2, 2008 10:18 pm

    for a full list of places to spend these vouchers email nuttymummy at

  2. June 3, 2008 11:00 am

    I love Nandos too, Mr H isn’t keen so we don’t go often. I really fancy one today now you’ve mentioned it!

    Have you tried phoning around a couple of local corgi registered gas engineers from the yellow pages? They should be able to give you a quote for installing the oven, one of them may be cheaper.

  3. June 5, 2008 10:40 pm

    I love Nandos 🙂

    tasty, filling and cheap! What more can we ask?! And not too many points either!

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