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Playtime and dress up

June 4, 2008

And that was just me and BN πŸ™‚

No not really – but did I have you going for a sec? πŸ™‚

Been so busy this week- work is hectic and I have a whole other problem going on there… not anything horrendous but just enough to keep me thinking …

The girls have been really good this week. Had their moments apparently but good on the whole.

There’s been dress up

Ellabean doing her look

hat jealousy led to the head scarf

Where Rowan ended up looking like a … well I don’t know what…. because she was jealous of Ella’s cowgirl hat πŸ™‚

Girls are funny – in particular my girls. I have noticed that no matter what, whether it be a dress, a hat, a yoghurt, medicine, a plaster …. whatever…..

If one has it – the other has to have it too.


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