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July 19, 2008

I am at one of those junctions where I could write about something really inane or something about the girls and gloss over everything..

What I really wanna say is OH FUCK!!

I am about two thousand pounds short of paying for my wedding.

Any ideas!?

We had a spare credit card… it’s got a limit. The limit is two thousand pounds closer to being used than I need it to be and I’m short on brainwaves.

I have a slight situation at work which I can’t really talk about in it’s entirety for obvious reasons… I haven’t done anything wrong but what it does mean is that while I should be earning a nice bonus every month which would have carried us through nicely. I am in fact not going to earn any bonus for at least the next two months and possibly the next 12 months depending on how the economy sorts itself out in addition to how this situation sorts itself out.

I am, my friends, in a fix. It’s only become apparent this morning so I’m kind of flummoxed.

Anybody out there like to give me a coupla grand??

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  1. July 19, 2008 6:54 pm

    Im affraid I cant help, Im a couple of grand short of everything all the time, so now first hand how annoying it is. I hope you manage to sort something out soon Xxx

    Posh Tottys last blog post..Well, it was an experience

  2. July 19, 2008 9:43 pm

    thank you for the words though. It’ a teeny bit terrifying… but will have to find a way.

  3. July 20, 2008 6:28 am

    has bn got any art you can pimp on your blog? you never know, people may buy it and be even more keen if it is to help with the wedding? I have no idea what the wedding is costing but perhaps a few tweaks? less flowers? less wine? make people cough up for their own drink at the reception?ask auntie thing to pay for something instead of a present? will work give you an advance based on previous performance? plenty companies do. clutching at straws but it may inspire you! I hope


    Mrs Hojos last blog post..National Foods are Clueless

  4. July 20, 2008 9:31 am

    Hiya.. flowers are free, there’s a bar… guests are paying for the honeymoon (supposedly) work defo won’t give me an advance. They really don’t work that way… if anything they’re trying to work out how to take money off people. Lovely company that they are.

    All good ideas though. Thanks very much.

    I am thinking that it’s time to get BN selling stuff. Just trying to get his site organised and maybe could sell stuff through here as well….

    Think is going to have to be another credit card… but no matter. Always have been skint so it will be just like old times!

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