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My frontal lobe has melted

July 21, 2008

on the star chart….

It’s a hit! šŸ™‚

The girls have tidied quickly before and happily …. but there was a certain amount of excitement today as Rowan was presented with a packet of shiny, coloured stars šŸ™‚

They are very happy and unless something particularly unexpected happens to make it suddenly unpopular – it will be staying… for the time being anyway.

They have been little angels today apparently. Perhaps there *is* a teeny tiny residual amount of learning left over from losing half their toys yesterday that stuck about for the day in their frontal lobe ……. or right hemisphere …….. or whichever part of the brain it is, that I used to know-back-to-front-before I-melted-my-own-with-pregnancy that deals with memory. (Breathe)

I am strict I know.. and others have commented that I am strict

‘Wow! You’re strict!’

code for

‘Jesus don’t you think you’re being a bit harsh’

but whatever.

I think – they’re my kids and they’re well behaved. So surely it works and I’m right and the rest of you are just wusses…?

I had Rowan tidying up her toys at bedtime when she was about 9 months old. As soon as she could walk – she could tidy.

coughAnallyRetentivesplutter?? Me? Who said that?!?!

Kids love routine! Who am I to argue? šŸ˜‰

At the shop today I only had to say Ella’s name once and show her my ‘serious’ face (*The* Face as they call it at work) and she came straight back to my side and held my hand – no tantrums – no messing about. But that’s because I’ve put the practice in. And so have they.

If I said it always worked I’d be lying. So I won’t say that..


When we’re out and about – generally they are really good and I’m thicker skinned than I make out I suppose.

I’m all ‘guys. Am I bothered?’….

….when they tell me they hate me. I remember saying that to my mum on more than a million occasions and really meaning it. But still – it is a kick to the heart when you’re three year old says that kind of thing for the first time.

Although actually if I trawl the archives I think she may have said it last year some time for the first time. So maybe I am just a big ol’ softie…

But anyway… I’m digressing hugely and not making much sense. I’ll give you a sec to go and read that again and agree..

The star chart worked for tonight and so we have a happy house šŸ™‚

And that can only be a good thing !!

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