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July 26, 2008

I’m a little down.

It started a couple of days ago when my mum called to say that my Nana was struggling with the responsibility of making the wedding cake. Did I mind if she didn’t?

I didn’t mind.

Then today – my Nana called me to say that she has been scheduled for her ‘procedure’ on the 6th.. or was it the 7th… she’s a little confused a lot of the time…

She’s suffering with angina for a long time and without being filled in on all the gory details I’m guessing that things have reached a stage where they need to intervene. I know they almost did earlier in the year. She lost some weight and ate healthily for a while and they postponed it… but I think it’s been on the back boiler since then. February I think.

When we decided to postpone our wedding from last year to this year – I had this weird little gut feeling fairy that told me that she wouldn’t be there this year.

So … this evening I’m feeling a little low.

I’m hoping she’s OK. I’m hoping she’s not too lonely in her little house all by herself and I’m hoping that nothing happens just yet. As much as I can be a useless granddaughter sometimes – well a lot of the time – and I don’t ring her enough and I don’t see her enough… I’m not ready just yet.

Lots of good vibes please x

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