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*Belly Leak

September 3, 2008

A good day today… a great day at work although we didn’t get some great returns on some long investments but in’t that always the way….

The girls are doing great. Ella is just talking away now, sentences and everything! Her grammar and vocabulary are getting better and better every day that passes and she is hilarious it has to be said. Mad, but hilarious.

She’s entered this manic phase. She runs everywhere, grins maniacally at everything, jumps on the furniture and runs everywhere.

Definite signs of the terrible twos on the way. She has entered the realms of predilection for the word no. Frequently and passionately we hear this word. Generally coupled with a good bias towards ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘that’s mine!’



Gorgeous however.

The most delightful sense of humour and the cheekiest little belly laugh ever.

Rowan is just growing. Growing up and out and up! She’s grown two centimeters in a really short space of time (they both have actually) and during the time we were away, Rowan put on 2lbs and Ella put on nearly 3lbs! Which is fab cos they’re both such string beans.

She’s ready to read I think and more than definitely ready for school. Such a shame for her that her birthday falls in October meaning she can’t go till next year. She’ll be more than ready for it by then. I’ve bought her a phonics reading course recommended by a teacher and when I’ve got to grips with it properly I’m going to start that with her. She knows her alphabet and the song to go with, all her letters and is suddenly showing an interest in the sounds that go with the names.

There’s a new program on Nick Jnr called Super Why that she’s fallen for in a big way and that is certainly having an effect. She really throws herself into it, answers the characters when they ask about sounds and letters etc. Reading off the screen… That’s the first program she’s really done that with.

Watching 101 Dalmations.

The teacher recommended that I really understand what I’m doing with the course before I try to start her with it so I’m going to knuckle down with it this weekend and read it through properly so she can have a go.

I don’t want to get her so far ahead that when she starts school she’ll be bored, but I do want to give her something extra than she has. She’s asking about reading a lot so hopefully this is the time for her.

She’s suddenly so different and when I listen to her talking now & the language and phrases she uses, I get flashes of Fran and Maddy and Amelie. It’s so easy for me to see how quickly time is going to pass if I don’t pay attention. She already sounds so grown up.

‘Rowan… what would you like for tea?’ BN asked her today

Rowan: ‘Oh Daddy’ and held her stomach ‘I couldn’t possibly! I’ve got no room, it’s all full. If I have tea I’ll have a tummy as fat as Daddy Pig!’

Rowan and Ella Aug 08 006



*Ella’s new name for tummy ache!

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  1. September 4, 2008 4:27 pm

    She’ll do better in the long run for that late start, i’m sure. Far more motivating to be the ablest big girl than the youngest one trying emotionally and academically to grasp it all.

    Lalalalalala-ing about reading. I’ve decided not to teach Joey; she’s argumentative enough as it is. If she has access to written knowledge to back it up i’ll have to drown her.

    Merrys last blog post..Oh Keira!

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