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No not expecting – it's a meme folks….

September 5, 2008

Saw this over at Sub Mum 🙂

Had to have a go!

1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how?

a) BN – we were away in Oxford for a romantic weekend and had a notion I was up the duff… bought a test (ahem …. 3 tests – we all know we have to try more than one brand just to be sure) and came out of the toilets in the pub to inform him that he was to be a father. And then promptly couldn’t drink my beer. V annoying. Kids.

b) BN, natch. I kind of shrieked upstairs at test. I announced downstairs that we may have a problem. 🙂 Ella – if it’s twenty years later, know this. You are much loved… but a touch unexpected 🙂

2. How many weeks were you when you found out?

a) I know all the dates with Rowan so I know that I was exactly one month 3 days. I knew it was possible because we’d planned it but it was v v v quick. One month off the pill after 10 years and was warned it could take up to a year to fall pregnant. Me? 6 weeks later I was one month pregnant. Difficult to conceive? Not so much.

b) Ella – Weirdly – with Rowan my last period was on 10th January. You may think I’m strange for remembering but the reason I know this is because that’s my sister’s birthday. With Ella, the last period was 28th October. Am I strange? Perhaps. But that’s maybe a different story. The fact is my body is apparently extremely family conscious. This is my brother’s birthday. What day was this baby due? 4th August. My dad’s birthday.


Anyway – back to the question. I found out – you guessed it.. well almost. Two days after BN’s birthday. This would make it 32 days. It was after a text from my sister telling me she thought I was pregnant. I didn’t even know!

3. Did you try to keep it secret?

a) At work – I tried. I think I lasted about 2 weeks before one of my staff guessed.

b) Yes – I lasted …. a day.

4. Did you have any cravings?


a) Well – I say cravings…. it was more… well less picky than that. I practically inhaled any white, processed carbohydrate that sat still long enough. I wanted chips, white bread, pasta. This lasted between about 6 weeks and 9 weeks I think. After that I can’t actually remember…

BN think silverskins onions… but then I like pickles anyway. I made him make Christmas Turkey pasties one day (I was pregnant from Feb to October… so this was a little out of season!) Cheerios featured quite heavily in the hotter weather….

b) Had a really enormous craving for special k. I ate bowl after bowl. There’s worse things I suppose… but even special K is bad if you eat two boxes a day!

I kid.


5. Did you go off anything?

a) Coffee.  Tomatoes. Which was bad – because our diet is practically modeled around Pasta Bake. Features tomatoes quite heavily!

b) hmmmmm….. don’t think so…..

6. Did you have any morning sickness?

For about a week, at about 6 weeks.  With both. Hardly suffered at all… very lucky I know!

7. When did you first start to show?

a) Oh God. I have no idea. I think at about 3 months clothes began to pinch slightly!   I had a bump by 14 weeks. I remember this because this was the weekend that BN built the cupboards in the front room, my dad almost choked on my cheese on toast and Rowan ‘fluttered’. I remember the teeny tiny podge well. It always used to make me laugh in the mornings ‘cos whichever side I’d slept on in bed it would always be ‘resting’ on the bed and for the first 10 minutes I was up I would have a bump by ‘my left hip’ or whatever. Very funny 🙂

b) About the same I think. However – was slightly fatter and things were pretty tight around my waist anyway and I don’t remember the slidey bump. I think there was a little more ‘womb’ in there by then 🙂 lol … sorry bad joke.

8. When did you first feel baby move?

a) 14 weeks – flutter … kick 21 weeks

b) 16 weeks – flutter … kick 21 weeks

9. Did you have a big bump?

a) no – compact and tiny. I had oligohydramnios. This basically means too little fluid round the baby. It was discovered at 20 weeks. We had estimates of around 80mls of fluid around her head and face and another 100mls around her bum. When she moved it was like sandpaper rubbing my insides. I kind of get the impression it was uncomfortable for her too cos she didn’t move much and when she did she went all out for it and had a proper rummage and settle down and then stayed there for 2 days. I had to have scans every 2 weeks after that and she was monitored for growth, kidney failure, blood supply, collapsed umbilical, club foot… it was a scary time. I didn’t enjoy it particularly if I’m honest.

b) Naturally – I had polyigohydramnios. If you can’t work out what that means – then …… you need to look it up. I had a huge enormous bump. I was uncomfortable. Fat. Huge. I couldn’t walk. Ella burrowed down into my nether regions from 30 weeks onward to the point where I had a stretch mark on the front of my uji. Yes. Really. The bump was as wide as I am tall and Ella was a very long baby that decided her right foot should play the fandango on my ribs every minute of every day.

Bitter? Me?

Nope. Not me.

10. Did you get the nesting instict?

I clean a lot. If you knew me…. you would buy me Dettol for my birthday 🙂

11. How did you know you were in labour?

Both times – my waters broke in bed. That kind of gave it away.

a) My waters broke… an egg cup full of water splashed onto the crotch of my pajamas and I’d been having very mild achey contraction every alf an hour for 90 minutes. It was 3.50am, ache.. I went back to sleep. 4.20…. another ache. Mild. I went back to sleep. 4.50 ache… I turned over… pop. Stood up…. splosh.

b) 5.30am… thought I had to fart 🙂 tried… pop…. the flood began…. and continued….. and carried on…. I changed my trousers… I changed again….. I walked around…. I carried on leaking….. there was a time I actually get bored with the waters situation. No contraction. So I put a towel down and thought I’d get some more rest. Mah-hoosive contraction…. *then* I knew I was in labour!

12. Did you need to be induced?

I was booked in to be induced both times the next day. Rowan cos she was needing more room, 2 weeks early. Ella cos she was 10 days late. They both took that as the prompt to make an appearance.

12. How long were you in labour?

a) 16 hours exactly. Almost. 1st Contraction 3.50am… Rowan delivered at 19.49 that evening.

b) 16.5 hours. 5.30am 1st Contraction. Ella delivered at 21.34 that night.

13. Did you have pain relief? What kind?

a) gas and air – pethidine but delivered on gas and air about 5 hours later I think

b) gas and air – pethidine… epidural. Bliss.

14. What kind of birth did you have?

Birth stories are on separate pages on the blog!

15. What gestation?

a) Debatable. I think 3 days early. Scans say 12 days early. But she was small and I knew my dates so I think I win.

b) um… 10 days late. My brain is too drunk to do maths.

16. Who was your birth partner?

BN of course!!

17. What was the birth weight?

a) 6lbs 5oz

b) 8lbs 12oz

18. Did you breast or bottle feed?


a) she was just so tiny and I don’t think she could do it. I really tried but she never got the hang of it. I gave up at about 3 days and gave her a bottle feed and she settled properly for the first time since she was born really. I kept trying and then at about 6 weeks I properly gave up.

b) did both until about 8 weeks I think. Ella fed easily and did it straight away after she was born within minutes. I loved it but steered her towards bottle feeding I think – because that’s what I knew. It was familiar so I think I probably unconsciously went that way without really thinking of it. Milk dried up and very soon she lost interest in my boobs as there was nowt on offer!

19. Did you enjoy your pregancy and birth?

a) pregnancy… yes and no. Birth… yes and no! Experience yes – pain no!

b) no and yes…. pregnancy was really hard. I had pubic symphysis dysfunction with both pregancies, worse with Ella and that made things pretty miserable for me. I measured 38 cms down my belly at 28 weeks and it just got worse. The birth yes and no. The initial pain of a back to back birth where the baby is coming out face first, is not pleasant. Epidural? Heaven.

20. Would you do it again?

Yes… I think so…. money and space are the considerations here!!

And yes – this has made me want another baby!!!

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