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Ella the Cuteness.

October 29, 2008

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I came home early from work the other day as I had a meeting out of town and we got back to Lincoln about 4pm.

I decided to just come home and take advantage of the extra time with my girls.

Because I’d come straight home in a car instead of walking home as usual, I hadn’t changed ma shoes.

I had my sooper lovely, sexy ‘ooh mrs’ black stilettos on and the girls were rather taken with them 🙂

They took turns trying them on and clip clopping round the house in them pretending to be me.

The weird thing is here, that because you can’t see the back of the shoes, Ella actually looks like she’s wearing pointed black shoes, the flares hide the bizarre bigness of said shoes and it all looks oddly … well… normal!

Absorb the cuteness 🙂

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