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end of birthday stuff

November 27, 2008

End of a birthday… BN had a good day I think. I got to start it with him but I did have to go to work.

Good thing was that we met for a lovely lunch with Ella which we hardly ever do. I have the crazy type of job where I never get to have breaks really to be honest. You always mean to take a break and then something happens or you just get busy and you never do it.

Before you know it, it’s 4pm and you can’t see the point then…

It was great to have a break in the day and meet up and chill my beans with ma fella.

My old fella… well older 😉

I saved up and bought him a Kenwood mixer along with a panini griddle and a flat griddle pan for pancakes. Anyone who even vaguely reads this blog will know that BN loves to cook.

And when we say he loves to cook – what we actually mean is that he loves to cook cakes 😀

He bakes muffins and pies and cakes and anything that takes his fancy really – and now that the girls are getting into helping him properly and they are really enjoying it too – I decided that I would get him the mixer he’s been hankering after.

I got red to match our retro clock in the kitchen and I have to say it does look good. Of course this present has nothing to do with the fact that I may want to eat the things that he likes to cook 😉

The girls have a cold naturally – seeing as we’re supposed to be going away this weekend to see Coldplay – sorry ….. COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!! Feel a bit bad for the folks that they get snotty kids as no doubt they’ll pick some of that up.

We’re now settled down watching Wanted with James McAvoy (YUM!!!) … to a chorus of cough cough cough choke cough phlegm cough …


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