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Wendy? Gwyneth Paltrow?? WENDY????

February 1, 2009

So…. the blogless days…

It’s been a busy few days. We pootled over to the folks on Friday after work and had a pretty shite train journey. I had forgotten what a pain in the arse trains could be really. We’ve had a good year or so of either not using them at all or having an easy time of it.

But this time? No. Not so much.

We left on time and the journey to the journey was easy peasy – the first leg of the journey was fine in fact but it was the stop at Nottingham that was shitenhowzer.

We stopped at Nottingham station and after we’d been there for about 5 minutes or so… I checked with BN …. this train is direct right? Yes. he said. Definitely.

Quite a few minutes later a driver/conductor person came down to our carriage and announced that this train was now terminating at Nottingham and due to an accident at a station outside Nottingham, there would now be a bus service from Nottingham to our destination.

Everyone started to huff and puff and hurrumph about it and we were less than happy because…. Rowan had her boots off, our bags were emptied of colouring books and crayons… there were the remainder of our snacks and the girls tea on the table…. coats were off, bags in the luggage rack… we had expected to be on the same train for another half an hour so now learning that we’d been sitting here for 10 minutes or more whilst a bus service was waiting for us at the other side of the station (possibly leaving without us) and all this stuff to pack up? Not thrilled.

I jacketed, shoed and grabbed the girls whilst BN grabbed all the bags and I carried Ella while Rowan tried to run & keep up holding my hand beside me. We hurried all the way up the stairs, across the station… over the bridges… down the stairs, out of the station…the same driver that had told us the train was terminated was walking beside us… again he said snottily that there had been announcements all the way from wherever that the train was going to terminate at Nottingham. There were no announcements in our carriage (yes there were he said) NO. There were not. The speakers must be out of order or whatever but if you look at our carriage? EVERYone was still sat there. Do you really think that every person in just OUR carriage decided to stage a sit in – rebel and ignore your announcements? OR.. DO YOU THINK IT’S POSSIBLE THAT THE SPEAKERS WERE NOT WORKING? Well whatever he muttered as he walked away.

Whatever? Stupid train people!!!!! Why are they all so rude??!?!!

So we get there (to the other side of the station)

you guessed it….. no.fucking.buses.

Had we missed it? Were we supposed to be waiting…? Where do we go now?

I was losing my grip on Ella and Rowan was fretting.. she could see we didn’t know what was going on and it was scaring her.. I didn’t want her to be frightened so I ushered us back inside the fencing and suggested we re-group and make a plan…….. just that second? An announcement… A train on Platform 6 is now boarding for Granny and Grampty’s house…..

Platform 6 – where we had just fucking come from. (can you tell I was annoyed?) 🙂

Platform 6 – up the stairs, over the bridges… across the station…. down more stairs… just as Rowan decided to let go of the Monsoon Wee that she had been holding in since being on the train (the toilet had been vile on the train so I suggested a one off of Ella’s pull ups – there was no way her little tushy was going anywhere near that germ pit) … The pull ups were too small… her Niagra falls wee leaked all down her trousers… she was crying (understandably bless her) BN was running off ahead of us to try and get to the train and make sure that it didn’t leave without us…. Rowan panicked cos daddy was running off… she was crying and getting frightened… I was dropping Ella and trying to reassure her and Rowan that everything was OK…

Got back there? Our same train. Still sat there – people milling about. No one knows whether we should be on it or not. The female driver that was getting on it 5minutes before claiming it was now the train for Liverpool, was getting off again and shouting for people to follow her to platform 5.

We asked a few people and after a minute were told that yes, this was now our train again and we need never have got off.

Happy customer? Not so much. Luckily because we were going away for the weekend, I had everything I needed to change Rowan’s clothes so she was all comfy and dry in a matter of minutes once we were back on the train.

But still..

It didn’t leave for another 5 minutes. So not only could we have strolled back? We could have just sat there the whole time anyway.

Grr. Trains…. bah.Cousins

Other than that? Spent a lovely weekend with the Puddles and all the little girls got on brilliantly and my two are shattered but have had a lovely, lovely weekend.



We currently have hysteria in the house at the sight of the snow 🙂


More snow!!!!

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  1. Mancais permalink
    February 1, 2009 11:56 pm

    I hope you’re going to write/email a letter of complaint. The train episode was unacceptable.

  2. February 3, 2009 10:48 am

    *sniggers at in jioke*

    Thank you so much for having my girls 🙂

  3. February 3, 2009 6:39 pm

    Merry – You are welcome! Was a pleasure, they were adorable as usual 🙂

    SCM – I would complain about the train episode but… contrary to how I may across I’m not a big complainer.. I calm down too quick and never really want the confrontation… and also, they just won’t care which would make it worse. I know I probably should but I know I won’t….

  4. Mancais permalink
    February 3, 2009 7:12 pm

    They may not care but they need to know. I’m not a huge complainer but sometimes it just has to be done. I do praise/complimentary comments as well.

  5. February 6, 2009 1:30 pm

    I live in nottingham, just 10 mins away from the station and i haven’t used them trains more than 4 times for that one reason alone.
    There aload of crap.

  6. February 7, 2009 1:37 pm

    they are indeed! although – not being a driver, there are plenty of times where I couldn’t get on without them… but nevertheless… they are a pile of crap!

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