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February 21, 2009

I want to say something nice about her. I’m reading too much negativity about a woman that is dying of cancer and trying to provide for her boys the only way she is able.

If someone said to me, as I was terminally ill, here’s the opportunity to earn £1m before you die – I would say – oh no thank you. That’s far too undignified. I couldn’t possibly earn that kind of money and potentially support my children for a very long time after my death. I would much rather die in private and with ‘dignity’ and leave them nothing. I managed to carve a career, they will too. Life is supposed to be hard.

What a load of shite.

I’m sorry but it’s crap.

Yes. Jade may not be the most intelligent or the most pretty or the most *valid* sleb. Yes, I agree.. I’m not 100% sure why she’s famous. Yes I agree – she was definitely a racist bully on Sleb BB a couple of years ago and that was not good. She was punished for that really though. She lost business and she lost integrity and she lost the respect of many. But she did apologise and that apology was accepted by the person that counted.

Shilpa Shetty has called her to wish her all the best – if she can get over it then why are there people out there saying that this is karma. I mean. Seriously? WTF? Oh yes she should get cancer. It’s only fair. You’re absolutely right.

Am I one of the only few who recognise that this is a young mother? She is just a person like all of us. She is a mummy of two young children. Two young boys who are cruelly losing their mummy far too early to a disease that is causing her horrendous pain as she goes.

Jade isn’t undignified.

Cancer is horrific. Why is it less horrific for her because she chooses to be public about it? Are the journalists who write about dying, undignified? Are they shouted down for being self indulgent? Are they criticised for seeking attention? Or making money? Or do they write for free then? Yes, she is making money from it. But she’s not exactly going on a spending spree with it is she? She’s not using it to fund future holidays?!

Yes. Absolutely. There are thousands of people going through cancer all the time. Thousands of people dying, recovering and suffering. All those critics are right. Why is Jade any more important than anyone else? No, she isn’t. No, I don’t think that she is particularly more important than anyone else. But like it or not, she is a sleb. She may not be what I consider a particularly valid sleb, but she is. We made her. Our country. The papers, the people that buy the papers. The media, the public. Maybe not *you* or *me* but as a nation, she was created. She went on a TV show and people were interested in her because she was stupid. That’s the honest truth.

The fact is that some people are more articulate than others. Some are more noble. Some are more dignified. Some like fake boobs, fake tan and fake hair. Some prefer to wear black, others prefer to wear nothing. Some like one wife, some like more. Some lots of children some like none. Some breastfeed some don’t. We are a nation of differences and it constantly amazes me that it’s the articulate ones who I believe should recognise a world of differences and just bloody well get on with it – are usually the ones shouting down the rest for being wrong.

No. Jade isn’t more important than other cancer sufferers at all. But is everyone a celebrity? No. Is any murder victim or missing person any more important than any other? No. But only some make the news. The fact is, some are more newsworthy – and it’s certainly not me that decides who is and who isn’t – but it’s true. Hundreds of missing kids never make the news, some are in it non stop.

I don’t see what purpose it serves to criticise her for being written about. It’s a waste of your energy.

If she had been left alone or had opted to fade away like 89% of the others from BB then no, we wouldn’t know maybe. Or it would be a byline somewhere and people would say, Jade? I can’t quite remember her. But she didn’t. She took the recognition and the interest and she carved that into a career. That’s why people go on shows like BB isn’t it?? They want to be famous. That show is nothing but a vehicle. But the participants didn’t create the vehicle, they took part. It may not be rocket science or brain surgery but it’s a career. She turned her life around and managed to make lots of money. What a stupid girl she is. How very dare she take an opportunity and make the most of it.

She’s famous and dying. So it’s news.

It won’t ruin your day. It won’t kill *you*. If you’re not interested, then don’t read the stories. Turn your eyes the other way and walk on by. Don’t buy the paper, don’t read the website and don’t pick up the magazine.

She maybe hasn’t got her money in a way that many of us would consider hard work or *worthy*. But she has developed a niche and whether you like it or not she has an element of entrepreneurial behaviour. She launched perfumes, books, businesses and she succeeded as much as she’s failed. The reality of it is that this is a mother who is sacrificing her privacy at her darkest hour in order to be a good parent and provide for her family in a future where she won’t be present. She has put her own needs aside. She’s not resting as much as she could or should. She’s not staying in hospital as recommended. She’s out being photographed, feeling shit and looking gaunt and frail to gain publicity so that the magazines wanted her story.

I for one just don’t have a fucking issue with it. (Can you tell?)

Apparently smear test requests have gone up by 20% since August last year. If this campaign of publicity provides for her children and saves lives – then really, who is it hurting? I for one am going to schedule one that is long overdue. Because I look at my two girls and think, Christ. This could be me. And no one would know. And who would give them a million pounds?

All the best to her and her family at this sad time and all the best to her little boys.

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  1. Mancais permalink
    February 21, 2009 12:26 pm

    Well said.

  2. February 21, 2009 12:44 pm

    Think you’ve hit the nail on the head there m’dear.
    We were talking bout this over lunch yesterday – and pretty much came to the same conclusion. Then it all went downhill as we tried to convince one of the girls she should really go for a smear, and she wanted to know all the gory details… yeah. Not a smart move.

  3. February 21, 2009 3:04 pm

    Best rant i’ve read in ages. And i completely agree.

    I’m not planning to have my kids vaccinated against HPV by default at 11 but we’ve talked it through and Jade, for what it is or isn’t worth, has allowed me to have a very important and significant conversation, graphically and painfully illustrated, into what this disease (whether or not HPV related) does and why they HAVE to make choices and take responsibility for their life and lifestyle.

    I’ve got no issue with Jade as celebrity and i certainly don’t want her to die like this but if she made no impact on my life alive with what she was arguably good at, i’m confident that they way she is choosing to live out her death is going to save lives.

    For that, i applaud and thank her.

    For choosing to be a responsible parent, i applaud her. I wish her a peaceful passing.

  4. February 21, 2009 4:28 pm

    I had an abnormal smear test at 19 and it wasn’t the earliest stage of pre-cancerous cells. But I remember being in two minds as to whether even to go back for the treatment… every thing I read about Jade, I am so sorry for her that she has had to endure all the treatment and still has very little time left. And I know I was very lucky.
    I feel for her two little boys as it seems Jade so wants the best for them, but even with the money she earns for them, I fear for ‘who’ will actually care for them after their young mummy has gone.

  5. February 21, 2009 5:04 pm

    Well said, i would have done the same as far as letting my final days be filmed.
    As you said, she can now go in peace noing her boys will want for nothing & will have memorys of her.
    I read alot about the karma thing, and it did get me thinking but weather it was due to that or not, i wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone.
    i hope she goes with as little pain as possible.

  6. February 21, 2009 6:03 pm

    Very well said. I was having this exact same conversation with my mum this morning.

    To the nay-sayers, not to put too fine a point on it, perhaps they should just be grateful they won’t have to put up with it much longer, huh?

    As others have said, I hope she finds peace.

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