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The one where the parents try to trick The Crazies.

March 1, 2009

You may remember if you’ve read for a while that a couple of years ago we played this very cute trick on Crazy 1.

It has almost become a family saying – not each and *every* time but most times if someone says ‘where’s it gone?’ someone has to say ‘where’s it gone gone?’… (At this point if you didn’t bother to watch the video you won’t know what I’m on about…) It’s become often enough that Rowan *almost* remembers it… she has the memory of it because we’ve shown her the video and told her the story so it’s pretty cute.

Yesterday we just so happened to visit the same pub for a spot of Payday Weekend Lunch. It’s probably the only treat they’ll get this month due to money shortages (the same as most other people I would think) so we thought we’d just enjoy it and relax.

We decided to play the trick on Ella. Unfortunately I have a new phone and I wasn’t clued up the video part of it (haven’t used it yet) so I totally screwed up on getting any tape of it – which is a shame but the memories were great and I want to record here for Bean in the future. (Bean = Ella’s nickname)*

We took the opportunity when RoBo* thought she’d bitten her tongue for me to closely inspect her mouth distract her completely whilst BN took care of Bean’s attention diversion.

FAIRIES!!! We both exclaimed 🙂

Ella whipped her head round to see, BN nabbed her ice cream and when there had been sufficient straining and peeking and wonder and searching for Fairies, they turned back around to eat their puddings.


She was totally good tempered – absolutely gobsmacked and not at all upset – about where her pudding had gone. We asked her if she thought the Fairies had taken it and she was sure they had! Those cheeky little Fairies 😉

We played the trick twice in the end – having both girls distracted just the right amount for the removal and replacement of the pudding.

Just as we were settling everything to leave and were thinking about finishing puddings and getting coats – RoBo said… can you take *my* pudding? You haven’t done mine yet!!!

We dissolved into giggles as Rowan pretended to turn round and look behind her (all the time turning slightly to keep one eye on her pudding!)

One of the funniest things ever 😀

+A great thing? We can now go out for lunch – and our children just EAT! omigod inorite? They just EAT! No squabbling – no complaining – they both chose a meal and then …. THEY ATE IT!


*Why on Earth we have a nickname for her that is more her actual name that her actual name *is* and then use her real name on the Interweb? I have no idea?!

*RoBo is my nickname for Rowan – we have mused that if she turns out to be a Police Officer – she would be RoBo Cop.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Mancais permalink
    March 1, 2009 3:54 pm

    Sounds fun. Couldn’t see the video.

  2. Carly permalink
    March 1, 2009 9:45 pm

    Aww, now that is cute…

    (…if only I’d thought of trying this on Rebecca last week!!)

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