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Cheeky Chops: The Return

March 28, 2009

So thankfully

We have had a full night’s sleep … things were looking bad yesterday evening when she took about 3 hours to get to sleep peppered with cryig, screaming about a juice cup, complaining of tummy pain and anything else she could think of…

We tried tough love… Gotosleeporyou’llbeintroubleyounglady approach…. we tried soft parenting ahhhshhhhpoorbabyrubyourbackandloveyouwithcuddlesuntilyou’resleepyandcute approach but n-o-o-o-o-o-o…. eventually the only thing that got her to sleep after being brought downstairs and laying on the sofa? Was cuddling in my bed for 10 minutes… and then being put back to bed.

She’s a tricksy one 🙄

But this morning things are looking up. She drank all day yesterday and did not one single iota of wee… so what started out looking good starting to fester in my Worry Bank as kidney failure… but this morning she has done two little wees and has eaten one and half bowls of porridge 🙂

And we have had a morning of whinging and moaning and sibling rivalry.

Order is restored.

Cheeky Chops: The Return

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  1. Mancais permalink
    March 28, 2009 5:46 pm

    Oh good. Hope the recovery continues x

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