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All the time in the world and The Viral Princess

April 18, 2009


Rowan is ill again. Argh!

This child!

I am hoping hoping hoping that this is a 24 hours viral infection because I have someone on holiday next week and this is just a complete nightmare.

I only get 6 emergency days off work a year before I have to start using my own annual leave. I have booked all my annual leave already for things like Christmas and some wedding sthat we have to go to in the summer so more ill children is.not.good.

She clearly isn’t well – not horrendously poorly but obviously not well. Puffy face, rash on her legs arms and face – slept badly and has a temperature. Noticaebly picks up after mixing well with Calpol or/and Neurofen….

We have a new name for her – The Viral Princess.


The Viral Princess

So I shall be spending the weekend mostly cleaning the house and look after said sick child, The Viral Princess – The Queen of Ill and be hoping against hope that this

Rash decision

(There is a rash here I promise – my new phone just doesn’t have such a good camera as the old one…)

And this…

Spit spot

(This is a liquid filled blister half way down her shin…)

Don’t turn into something hideous and week long because seriously, if I have to take any more time off work? I may have to sack myself!

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  1. Mancais permalink
    April 18, 2009 4:23 pm

    Hope she’s better soon and you don’t have to sack yourself.
    If in doubt, you could do worse than phoning NHS Direct 0845 46 47.
    I can’t remember much about getting it, other than all the kids in our avenue had it at the same time. I think we were made to play with each other to make sure.

  2. April 18, 2009 4:58 pm

    Oh god, i hope it isn’t chicken pox.

    Does sound the same as what my lot had the week before, but i am now down with some green chect gunk thing. Yuck.

    Get well soon Rowan.

  3. April 18, 2009 7:08 pm

    ooohh! we seem to have come down with that too. I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow. I hope they are both ok, and not contagious dont fancy it myself.
    Get well soon Rowan!!!!

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