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Not *that* bit of my knee!

May 8, 2009

Rowan stopped BN on the way home from nursery today and complained that her knee was itchy and that he absolutely had to look at it.

Right there.

Right now.

OK – we can’t look at it in the middle of the park – but I tell you what – we’ll get home and look at it after you have taken your shoes off and been to the loo. Deal?

Deal she said.

They got home – she unshoed…  went to the loo, and whilst BN made sandwiches downtairs, she played with Ella for a bit. Half way through their tea she suddenly remembered that they were supposed to be inspecting her knee for damage!

Shock horror! The damage inspection! It has been delayed! (If you knew what a hypercondriac she was – you would laugh)

They made a deal that after sandwiches they would inspect the knee and alert the media if there was a major problem. As soon as she’d finished her sandwiches she leapt up – ran over to BN and started to pull her trousers down…

Whoa whoa whoa there little missy! You strippin’?

You don’t need to pull your trousers down – just roll your trouser leg up and show me your knee – see? Up *from* the bottom rather than showing your  bottom 🙂

Two minutes of haggling ensued. It will not work. The child is obstinate. It will. It won’t. It will. It will not.

BN assured her that it would ‘work’ and that pulling the leg up would reveal said knee and lead to inspection.

After a while – she finally gave in and pulled her trouser leg up. As she wriggled and rolled it up her leg, it got stuck just above her knee.

BN looked at her blemish free knee..

What’s the problem here?

To which she said – See? It’s not *there* on my knee – it’s *there* on my knee [whilst pointing to the inside of her thigh]



That’s not your knee.


She was stunned and astounded!

There are still things for me to learn at the grand age of 4!?! How can this be!?!

This little bit here – BN circled her knee with his finger – is your knee.

She concentrated…

BN went through the anatomy of her appendage.

This is your ankle – he circled and pointed.

This is shin – he pointed and circled.

This is your calf – he circled and pointed.

*This* is your knee – much pointing and circling.

*this?* This is your *t-h-i-g-h* – pointing to area of blemish and adding circling and pointing for good teachering measure.

Rowan was suitably impressed at each new development of her anatomy…


Said BN

(You see – we both say that)

You see – you can say these five words to describe which part you mean.


Which part is sore?

She said…

Pointing…. a-n-d circling blemish.

This bit – on my *l-e-g* 🙂

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  1. Mancais permalink
    May 8, 2009 10:55 pm


  2. May 10, 2009 6:51 am

    Hehe…she’s a hoot! Saoirse was quite shocked to discover that her bum was actually just her bum. For some reason she had started calling the front her bum too. Not sure why, as we have always used the proper terminology. I was started to wonder why she was always wiping her bum when she peed.

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