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Is it possible that I could win an award for being the most boring blogger ever!?!

June 15, 2009

I have lost the will to blog … but only because I have the most boring life ever.



I am working pretty much every evening trying to get stuff done in the evenings that I don’t have time to do in the day and wishing that businesses would stay open in the evenings so that I had time to do some sales!

Generally speaking things are reasonably stressful. I am behind paying nursery, BN’s temp job finishes in two weeks and I don’t have anything for him to go to yet.

I have no money at all – no credit card to fall back on because they’re all full and …. um that shoud about cover it I reckon.

Is there any fairy godmother out there that wants to come and save me?!

So – it’s not all doom and gloom here…

It was my mum’s 60th birthday over the weekend and we went and spent a very enjoyable weekend at theirs and I got to see all the fam. My bro was there which was great – he’s moving to Oz in 3 months, Perth to be precise, so trying to fit in as much time with Bro as humanly possible….



The weather was gorgeous and it was very relaxing – although the only problem is I *never* get enough sleep when we’re there because we all talk too much!!!

Us?! NO! Surely not! 😉

Ella caught a cough and cold and got her first taste of conjunctivitis – probably literally speaking seeing as there was all manner of gunk dripping down her face, out of her nose, her eyes … just ew.

Rowan now has that cough and with the added dimension of asthma – she is a joy to be around and obviously there is the part where I also need to feel bad for her 🙂

Typically she is milking it as much as possible bless her and I think she found eight teeny tiny scratches that meeded plasters as well as needing Calpol for the bad itch that she had.

I have this image of her as an old biddy popping off to the doctor every day to get some random rash or ailment looked at… and the receptionist rolling their eyes every time they see her arriving in the morning …


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  1. June 16, 2009 9:32 am

    That sounds like some serious shiteness. Hope it all starts looking up v v soon, and in the meantime, if you want to think you’re a boring blogger, go ahead. We all know the truth! x

  2. Mancais permalink
    June 16, 2009 5:34 pm

    Definitely sounds like shiteness going on. I wish I could make things better for people. Not boring at all.
    Hugs x

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