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Ella and the Case of the Mysterious Rising Temperature.

October 9, 2009

I promised an in-depth story on the above and I did not deliver it. Blogging mo-jo blah blah – no internetz blah blah – long hours at work etc. etc. not enough sleep and the list goes on & on & ….


Ella woke in the night with a high temperature. I think counting backwards this would have been the 15th? The Tuesday – think tha’s right…. anyway – she woke at midnightish. Unusual for her – she’s never been a bad sleeper and to be fair if she wakes up you can normally assume that she’s getting ill. However – she has been experimenting with the odd nightmare here and there so I wasn’t 100% sure. She was hot and shaky and a bit disoriented. We put it down to waking up suddenly and put her back to bed after a drink and a cuddle.

She woke up again at about 3 in the morning and still felt hot and shaky – took her temp and it was high-ish – gave her some calpol and a cuddle. She needed a wee – I put her on the loo and she said she had a sore bottom. I had a look but couldn’t see anything so I gave her some ‘magic cream’ and put her back to bed again… Bless the soothing powers of magic cream 🙂

When she woke up in the morning she seemed OK – a bit tired maybe but I thought she was OK to go to nursery. I told them about the night before, asked them to keep an eye on her and call me if any problems. When I picked her up they said that she had been quieter than usual through the day, but had eaten and played and they hadn’t been unduly concerned about her. They agreed that she was probably just tired after a long night and needed to catch up on her sleep.

I put her to bed on the Wednsday night and she seemed OK but within a couple of hours she was coughing in her sleep and obviously not well. I got her up and ended up taking her to bed with me that night. At one point she screamed out in pain when she went for a wee. She complained of a sore bottom and I looked again but could see nothing. The first thought of water infection fleeted through my mind but I spent most of the night walking the floorboards with her, helping her to breath and trying to help her cope with the horrendous hard cough she had and kind of let it slip from my mind. She kept gagging and was struggling to breathe, obviously had a very swollen throat and looked really poorly… I took her to the doctor on the Thursday morning and he diagnosed tonsillitis. She wouldn’t really let him have a proper look though – she was very emotional and tired again after yet another long sleepless night and I couldn’t blame her to be honest. Plus the doctor is a dick anyway – but that’s my issue not hers.

I actually now think she had whooping cough – it’s doing the rounds at nurseries and schools around here and her symptoms all match. She had a high fever for 48 hours that responded well to pain relief, the hard cough that lasted 48 hours, the gagging and swollen throat etc. residual cold symptoms … But anyway – -I digress.

I mentioned the painful weeing to the doctor and said I thought water infection – he gave me a sample bottle and a prescription of penicillin for her and told me to get as much down her as possible and just do a urine sample if I wasn’t happy over the next 48 hours. Typically – the pharmacy was out of that strength of penicillin and had to order it in for the afternoon – meaning that she had to wait from her 10.30am doctor’s appt until 4pm for her first lot of antib’s. It was 4 doses per day so I actually woke her in the night to give her more to help it work as quickly as possible.

Now the Friday 18th – we were due to be at the Coldplay concert in Wembley stadium. Obviously I was desperate to go – and we went crazy all week trying to decide if we were going to go or not. Were we going to leave her? Weren’t we? Would she be well enough…

Friday morning came and her temperature was down, she seemed brighter. Still not 100% – but when we asked her if she was OK to go and stay at U’s house (Rowan’s childminder – they have slept there before and both adore her and her little girl J) she said yes – we got there in the morning and she strolled in – picked up a toy car, never looked back. Looked right at home in fact and didn’t even really notice when we went. I handed over an inventory and itinerary of medication that I wanted administered. It would cover her for the full 24 hours that we would be gone and I knew that she should be as pain free as possible. The trouble with Ells is that she’s a hero. She never complains about illness and so you have no idea if she’s OK or not until she drops.

Apparently whilst we were enjoying Coldplay and Girls Aloud and Jay-Z – oh and The White Lies – Ella’s temperature was getting worse and worse through the night, stopped respodning to pain killers and she woke on the hour all night needing cuddles and reassurance. I felt so awful when I found out the next day. It all started at midnight which was just after my last check in with U and before I slept till 9 the next morning.

As we were on the way home – I was in constant contact. Her temperature had gone up to 38.6, she was sleepy and not interactive. I called the doctor before we even got her and got her an appoitnment at the medical centre that’s open on Saturdays. We collected the girls and I took her straight there. When we got to the waiting room she perked up – actually she had perked up a lot when she saw us at first anyway. I think she had missed us. She sat in the waiting room saying Knickers O’Muffin at the top of her voice for 30 minutes to a roomful of childless people who had no idea where that comes from – the joy for the parents that teach their children to shout BOSOMS!


She started to say that she needed a wee – so I went to reception and explained that because of her symptoms I thought that the assessment nurse would probably like a sample when she saw her and that she was asking for a wee. The nurse was told and came out and was very grateful to have such an intelligent parent … ah I am proud…

We took her to the loo – she peed – it was tested as we went to sit back down – and we were called straight in to see a doctor. Essentially – it was off the charts for all sorts and we were sent straight to hospital. It turns out that the penicillin had done wonders for the throat and had probably helped some of the infection elsewhere – but hadn’t been the right antib for the water infection which had taken hold bit by bit, stronger and stronger. By the time we were assessed at hospital her temp had gone up to 39.2 and she started being sick a little bit — I think they thought meningitis for a few minutes but she was assessed for that and all well..

They changed her antib’s but admitted her for 24 hours observation in the end and BN stayed with her through the night whilst they monitored the temperature coming down finally.

It was scary for a while – but I never felt out of my depth if you know what I mean..? I had known relatively early on that there was a water infection – it’s just a shame that the GP didn’t think to do a sample that day and trust MY instinct instead of his – but then I guess that’s no one’s fault…

All’s well that ends well 🙂

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  1. Merry permalink
    October 9, 2009 11:02 pm

    Poor wee girl – and mum and dad.

    Whooping cough? I remember having that and being really ill for ages but doesn’t the cough last 6 weeks? Unless a post vax version is different. Mum speaks of me having it with a shadow in her eyes even now.

    So much sympathy though – scared the life out of me when Ams was in hosp with cp. Wish Ella had been here now – feel bad 😦

  2. Mancais permalink
    October 10, 2009 6:59 pm

    Oh blimey – can you get a different GP?

  3. October 11, 2009 2:21 pm

    I’ve said for a long time, more GP’s need to trust a parents instincts and listen more, a lot more would get sorted a lot quicker.

    By the way, there is an award for you on my blog 😉

  4. October 11, 2009 8:12 pm

    Poor little thing. It must be very hard for GP’s – there are a lot of hypercondriacs about that bother them every 2 minutes with something stupid which ruins it for the rest. Glad shes ok now.

  5. October 12, 2009 12:26 am

    when K was smaller, 2 boys in his class came down with meningitus, the school closed early, it was nearly Christmas anyway, K missed school that day as he was poorly, just a little warm. I booked him into the docs when he looked worse and was rolling his eyes in a delerious fashion and almost couldn’t get an appointment because of all the idiots whose kids had a cold panicking because they thought it was men’ and were too lazy to read the sheet of symptoms kindly handed out to all.

    2 hours after our appointment I rang to say he was worse, the gp ran for his car and came straight to our home, injected him with ab’s and called an ambulance and probably saved his life.

    How easy it would have been for him to dismiss us as over worrying twits and yet he maintained that of all the children he saw, K was the only one he worried about. Till the day we moved away if I rang and booked an appointment for k we jumped the queue in case it was a complication of the dreaded men’.

    I’m kinda fond of that gp and am still in touch with him and his equally lovely wife now.

    Tough job, I wouldn’t want it!

    blimey, longer than an average blog post 🙂


  6. October 12, 2009 8:32 am


    A few things – firstly I said whooping cough – but I was not concentrating because actually I meant croup.. *THAT* is what is doing the rounds at schools and nurseries here and I think it was that. I looked up the symptoms she had and they matched – well spotted Merry 🙂

    And also – I do think that being a GP is a hard job. I appreciate them and the work they do… this GP is however just a dick. He was a knob to me a few weeks ago and he’s just a knob. I truly believe that he did a quick once over and shooed us on our way because he was embarrassed to see me again after how he treated me last time I went to see him. Embarrassed further by the fact that I made no reference to it (which I believe he expected) and that I was very polite and professional.

    I was very clear about the symptoms that she had shown for the water infection and he wasn’t outwardly disparaging but he did give me the whole ‘if every parent I saw was a doctor then all children would be rushed to hospital etc etc.’

    I do get it – but I don’t like *him* and that is all. I think that I show all the signs of being an articulate, intelligent person who presented a good argument for what I suspected to be the case based on the evidence I had – it wouldn’t have taken too much trouble to test her urine.

    Aware this sounds grumpy – am not grumpy. Am at work and in a hurry 🙂

  7. October 12, 2009 9:56 am

    I’m in two minds about GPs – there’s some good ones out there but unfortunately there’s a lot of dicks too. Seeing as kids aren’t very good at listing symptoms for them, I do feel they should try and listen to the parents more often – it’s not like we make these things up.
    Glad Ells is better now though – it’s miserable being a child and ill, especially getting carted into hospital.

  8. October 12, 2009 11:40 pm

    did you look into changing gp fter his snotty attitude to you? I remember that well! grrr and um yes, having nearly died of Whoop myself I did wonder if you were confuddled!


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