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Blimey O’Reily

March 7, 2012

I literally have not stopped.

I am desperate to write – the reasons why I haven’t


Last week of mat leave was just crazy. Both girls got a bug that meant washing and disinfecting my entire house. MY ENTIRE HOUSE! Sheets, beds, hoovering, every dish, plate, cupboard, toy, cutlery, cushion, skirting boards, windows, mantles, ornaments, towels. Everything. EVERYTHING.

Those that know me well know that my house is reasonably tidy and reasonably clean. I don’t dust every 5 minutes. I do not have OCD. Kids clothes are clean, beds are clean, kitchen and bathroom and clean but do I dust skirting boards religiously? Erm no.

So that was fun.

Nina then decided that should be the time she turns the cough she’s been harbouring for 3 weeks into a chest infection and started waking through the night coughing until she was sick and strugglnig to breathe. That was great.

Then on the Thursday evening (my first day back was the next day) Kit came back from the childminder with a low fever. He seemed fine, we put him to bed with neurofen and some calpol and thought maybe teeth giving him some hassle – he woke on Friday with the worst sounding cough. The kind that makes them sound like an angry dog. He has been wheezy and coughing through the night, waking needing drinks and being generally miserable.

I spent all weekend re-cleaning all the things I had cleaned at the beginning of the week – re-did the beds, hoovered, sterilised toys, polished, washed until my hands bled. Literally bled.

‘This house is clean!’

I will have to do it again tomorrow.

Couple all of this with the fact that my IT dept in their infinite wisdom have deactivated the 3G card on my work laptop for whatever reason – meaning a long and involved call to the helpdesk which I have yet to make – has shaped up to no updates.

I haven’t even really had time to tweet.

Then just to make everything really lovely – BN and I both caught the cold and have been knocked sideways by it totally – it’s a crummy one with whole cotton wool head, feeling like you can’t hear properly, bruised face sinus feeling type of cold. BN also has really bad aching arms and legs and keeps falling asleep every time I stop talking to him long enough to keep him awake.


I am back at work. It’s busy. I have 2 days a week off work all month and then two weeks off at the beginning of April and then I’m back full time after that. I don’t even want to imagine what full time will feel like because at the moment all I can think about is the fact that tomorrow I don’t need to get dressed!


Oh yeah – and I get to have baby cuddles all day 🙂



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