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Nothing has changed

March 28, 2012

This (life in general with 4 children and a husband and a house and all that stuff) is obviously going to be crazy hard.

My life has become little pockets of quiet surrounded by an oblivion of noise and children and work and washing up and laundry and hoovering and cleaning and milestones and smiling and laughing and tellings off and time-outs and giggling and cuddles and homework and spelling and folding and ironing and non-stop craziness.

Kit is changing by the day – saying more and more words – he cheekily tells me Nooooooo to pretty much everything I ask him now – so stupidly funny – has me in stitches every time he says it. He’s understanding everything we say – in fact that’s been quite a while now – ‘come here’ or explaining that he needs to tidy his toys ready for bed, bathtime, tea time – he even went into the kitchen today and got out three bowls from their cupboard – placed them on the counter and pointed at them and then at his tummy and then ran and pointed to the shelf with the cereal on it…. all the time babbling away to me in Kitkat language and laughing his head off.

He is just adorable. Simple.

I had a moment this morning when I was feeding Nina, laying down next to her in bed and realising that this weekend she is 5 months old. Five months!

Where did that time go?? Seems like 2 minutes since she was born. And I know people say that all the time – but seriously – where is my life going? I’m 35 in 3 months and I just cannot believe that. It’s nearly two years since beautiful Freddie was born and died and I just can’t get my head around that either.

The last few weeks I’ve only done 3 days a week and had Thursdays and Fridays off – and it’s been mental – work is back pulling my every corner of brain back into the party and I’m all like – dude! Yeah! I remember this! Engagaing my thoughts and conversing with adults… it’s actually quite nice! My job is busy – I love my staff, I’m happy here although under a lot of pressure. But I worry about money and I wish I didn’t have to. Soon I’m full time – and I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that is going to be.

But mainly – I am starting to wonder about how much time I’m not spending with my children. Nina is crunching her tummy and craning her head forward like mad when she’s laid down flat or in her reclining chair – she’s desperate to sit up and she’s so alert and active and engaging. She sings and talks and gabbles away already – at 5 months! I want to be with her showing her things and bringing her on. I don’t think it’ll be any time at all before she rolls over and hopefully with two weeks off after today..

So…. and breathe.

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